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providing escort job to girls from all over the world since 2002

We started by hiring just 2 girls from Ukraine for Delhi in the year 2002 and till now we have hired more than 500 girls from all over the world and have placed them as VIP escorts in India as well as in other lucrative destinations such as UAE, Qatar, Singapore and Malaysia. We welcome girls who look beautiful and sexy, whether they are students, models, housewives or doing any job or business in their lives. Although there are many agencies offering escort job in Delhi but we are specifically dedicated to placing girls in the best and safest escort agencies so that our girls get regular work without compromising their safety and security.

Our best clients are some of the top shot escort agencies in Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. Girls who have contacted us till now swear by us and never look for another escort hiring agents. That’s because we ensure they get regular work by rotating and shifting them from one place to another so that they are never too old for customers belonging to a particular escort agency.

Being The Most Preferred Escort Job Provider In Delhi

In these 19 years of providing Call Girl Jobs in Delhi to everyone who longed for a better lifestyle or a quick source of income, we have completed a journey which has made us the most preferred and trusted escort job provider in Delhi. This trust we have earned through providing regular sex work in Delhi to these girls and enabling them earn a stable income from a part-time job for girls in Delhi. It was not an easy task, mind it. Because it involved a lot of effort and money as well on our part.  Below are some efforts we have done to gain this position and that’s the reason many escort agencies are now jealous from us!

Firstly, the girls who come to us mostly don’t have any escort background and thus, are totally blank about doing a call girl job in Delhi. Hence, we have to tell them a lot of small things to make them understand that this is basically a sex job in Delhi which requires you to do get intimate with male customers and then have full sexual intercourse with them. Also, many of them don’t turn up after knowing all this as they though that this is basically a calling job for girls in Delhi or any other part time job for girls in Delhi, or they were not able to muster the courage to get naked before a stranger and have sex with them.

Secondly, we have to screen those girls physically and get rid of those which are not suitable. In some cases when the girls are virgin girls in Delhi, they have to be taught each and every thing about sex practically. Hence, this is done by our sex experts who practically train them in all acts of sex and make them perfect for escort job in Delhi. In other cases where girls have already done sex with someone, they are sent to customers for sex directly and feedback is taken from the customers to remove those girls who think sex as an ugly act and do it in an unwanted manner with the customers.

Thirdly, we have to take care of those girls who have come India from another countries just for doing an escort job in Delhi. That’s because they are totally reliant on us for their food and lodging also. We have to take care of their language problems as well as any medical issues they have. Also for these foreign escort girls in Delhi we provide visa assistance and one side tickets for coming to India from their country of residence. Therefore, it involves a lot of time and money to bring a single foreign girl to India for a call girl job in Delhi. And this is the reason customers have to pay more for these foreign escort girls in Delhi.

Last but not the least we ensure that girls who have joined a call girl job in Delhi with us are never sitting idle. This we can do only by having our own websites giving us regular sex work in Delhi and with returning customers who like the services provided by the girls doing escort job in Delhi with us. We always try to make new connections through the plethora of websites we have promoting our own esteemed escort agency, as well as through our regular customers by asking them to give references of their friends and family members to come and try having sex with our girls.

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